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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Adding Color to my Summer Porch

I love puttering around in my yard! The last few weeks have been hectic! I have been busy weeding, mowing, and getting my garden ready for the summer. I have been basking in the glory of warmer temperatures and beautiful sunshine!
I love adding summer colors to my front porch!

Summer annuals provide the opportunity to add gorgeous color to any corner of your porch instantly!

 Fragrant pink Dianthus looks beautiful inside a black metal plant stand next to the front door:

 In addition to using them as candle holders, lanterns make pretty planters and add interest to your front porch. 

The blue lobelia contrasts prettily with the white lantern:

I placed the potted lobelia inside this burlap cinch bag found at Walmart.

Loving the contrast in color and texture between the delicate blue lobelia and the burlap bags.

Next, I added a big fluffy burlap bow to the top of the lantern:

Evergreens in urns sit on both sides of my front door:

Another plant stand filled with colorful annuals sits on the other side of the door.

A view of my summer front porch.

A closer look at the blue potteries filled with pretty annuals.

I love planting geraniums in my flower beds and planters. 

Vibrant pink geraniums in pretty blue clay pots scream summer to me:

Pretty pink stocks

and cascading verbenas mixed with yellow daisies:

A basket overflowing with beautiful annuals adorn my front door:

The potted flowers are placed inside the burlap cinch bags and then inserted inside the basket:

Wave petunias in yellow and purple mixed with pink verbenas:

A closer view of my front door over looking the white railing in front:

Summer: A celebration of colors!

Thanks for stopping by!
Are you enjoying the glorious days of summer?
My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful hostesses for graciously showcasing my Spring foyer at their fun weekly parties:
Thank you ladies! You make me smile :)

~Hugs, Poppy~

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