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Saturday, April 12, 2014

French Breakfast

Hello, everyone!
It's a beautiful weekend here in the northeast, how about you? Spring is finally smiling upon us, and it does feel good :)
So today, I thought I would share a simple country French breakfast with you!
It has been set up in a little alcove in my dining room.

Fresh orange juice served in crystal stemware is a lovely way to say good morning!

Bean sprouts in white egg-cups

Growing healthy bean spouts at home is pretty simple!

Soak quarter cup of mung beans from the grocery store in a shallow dish (3-4 days). Change the water daily and keep the dish away from direct sunlight. After a couple of days, you will notice tiny white tails sprouting from the mung beans.

When the little white tails are visible, simply drain all the water and transfer the mung beans to any dish of your choice. I transferred the mung beans with the little spouts into egg cups. 

Sprinkle with water everyday, but make sure there is not too much water sitting at the bottom of the dish. Keep the egg cups in a room with lots of light, but not direct sunlight. Within a few days the sprouts will grow more and more, and you will notice the green leaves. I love adding crunchy bean sprouts to soups, salads and sandwiches!

A blue rooster makes a pretty butter dish. I like the basket weave design on it.

Strawberry jam served in a small canning jar

A plate of flaky croissant and blackberries

I like collecting different spreaders. This particular jam spreader reminds me of of a wine cork.

Although spring has finally graced us with sunshine and chirping birds, spring blooms have yet to make an appearance. The silver teapot is therefore filled with silk daffodils and daisies. A beautiful way to start your day with a splash of color!

Deliciously fresh orange juice served from a bottle is a classic morning beverage that energizes you for the day!

I wrapped some yellow baker's twine around the neck of the bottle and hung a Frenchy chalkboard tag 

I hope you enjoyed sharing breakfast with me today!
Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed having you over :)

My heartfelt thanks to the gracious hostesses for showcasing my Spring Tea Vignette at their weekly parties!  I love joining their parties with chock-full of inspiring projects, home decor ideas, yummy recipes and lovely crafts!
Thank You, ladies!

Enjoy your weekend!

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