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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fringes and Pillows

Decorating with pillows is so much fun! And it is so easy to change them around according to seasons.

I like making pillows from ticking and combining them with other textured fabric. By adding a bold fringe, it transforms a pillow so beautifully, don't you think?

Cut two fabric squares and mark them on the wrong side of fabric as front and back. Width of both front and back must be same (16 inch wide including the seam allowance). Length of the Front must be 2 inches longer than the Back fabric:

 Or find the center of the back and cut out a notch to separate the front from the back:
 Next, measure one and a half inches from the top edge of the Front,fold and press:
After folding, press again a quarter inch from the top edge of the Front, press, and stitch in place:
Now,stitch in place the folded top edge of the Front:
 Stitch a cord with lip to the right side of the back on two sides and the bottom only, leaving the top notched edge free:
 Now, pin the folded top edge of the Front to the notched edge of the Back, half an inch from the top(right sides together):
 Next, with right sides together stitch the Front to the Back on two sides and at the bottom leaving the top edges free. Turn inside out and press the seams:
For the Flap: Cut two rectangles,7 and a half inches in length and width must be of the same width as the top edge of the pillow Back:

 Cut cord(without lip) into three equal lengths. Fold each in half, having ends forming a loop. Pin and hand-baste ends of loops to the long edge of a flap, having the ends slightly beyond raw edge.
Bring loop downward, forming two smaller loops and spread out the smaller loops and hand-baste across ends of loops. Then, fold the large loop over the basting and hand-baste over the loops:
  At equal intervals make three such corded loops on one long edge of a flap:
 Next, press under half an inch on the other long edge of both the flap fabric. 
Stitch, both the flaps,right sides together, the sides and the long edge with the 3 corded loops leaving the bottom long edge free. Cut corners diagonally:

 Turn right side out.Pin the flap to the upper edge of the back, right sides together. Stitch, keeping the Front free.
  Press seam allowance toward flap. Hand sew pressed under edge of flap over seam. Now, edge-stitch flap along the seam, keeping front free. Attach button and hang tassel and insert pillow form:

A triangular flap instead of a rectangular flap:
I hope this pillow tutorial was helpful.Thanks for stopping by. 




Sunday, August 21, 2011

Front-yard Landscaping and Wins

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The weather has been beautiful in this neck of the woods for the last few days with very pleasant evenings. Summer is almost over for us and I can almost smell the crisp autumn air. On that note, today I would like to share with you my front-yard landscaping and all my summer container gardening before they all wither away!

But, first I would like to thank  Chie @ CHUBBY AND CHIEQUE and Marty, hostess of Table Top Tuesday @ A STROLL THRU LIFE  for my recent win of the Summer Cloche Party giveaway. Chie sent me this cute silver toothpick holder all the way from Sweden! This is my first win and I'm so excited. Thank you Marty and Chie! I'm looking forward to using it in future tablescapes.

Also, I would like to thank sweet Mary @ Boogieboard Cottage 
for featuring my Gifts from the Garden at her Masterpiece Monday party.Mary has a beautiful blog where she shares with you her love of the ocean and beach! Thank you so much, Mary!
Click HERE to view my Gifts from the Garden post.

Thank you, ladies! Your generosity humbles me! Please, do stop by if you get a chance and visit their wonderful blogs and walk away with so much inspirations!

I love container gardening! Using various plant-stands, potteries and other creative containers for the summer annuals and watching them grow throughout the summer is so rewarding!
I like using glazed pottery to plant pink and white summer annuals:
 I saw this blue pot at Michael's and fell in love with it instantly!

 Using a plant-stand is a wonderful way to display gorgeous summer blooms:

These plant-stands on either side of my front door make a charming and pretty display:

 I love the color blue and the cobalt blue of the front door compliments so beautifully with the shades of pink of the impatiens.

Dappled Willow or Variegated Japanese Willow makes a beautiful landscaping tree:
 In the afternoon sun:
  At dusk:
Close-up on the stamped concrete of our front patio:
 All lit-up in the evening:
 Pathway leading to the backyard: