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Monday, June 13, 2016

Apple Blossom Hanging Bird Lanterns

Apple Blossom Hanging Bird Lanterns 

Apple Blossom ~ Horatio Alger Jr.

 I sit in the shadow of apple-boughs,

 In the fragrant orchard close,

And around me floats the scented air,

 With its wave-like tidal flows.

I close my eyes in a dreamy bliss,

For is not this the rare, sweet time,
The blossoming time of the year?

 I lie on a couch of downy grass,

With delicate blossoms strewn,

And I feel the throb of Nature's heart

 Responsive to my own.

Oh, the world is fair, and God is good,

That maketh life so dear;

For is not this the rare, sweet time,
  The blossoming time of the year?    


That drift so lazily by.
And strange, sweet thoughts sing through my brain,

 And Heaven, it seemeth near;

Oh, is it not a rare, sweet time,
 The blossoming time of the year?

The apple trees on our property have been there for almost fifty years. They look majestic at this time of the year when they are in full bloom and really transform our backyard into some other time and place. 

I found these beautiful frosted glass bird lanterns at Walmart couple years back. They look so pretty hanging from these apple trees in spring and summer.

The fragrant branches can be enjoyed indoors as well in vases.

I love the ambiance created by these lanterns on a cool summer evening. 

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