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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ornate Metal Tags for Storage Baskets

Hello, everyone! 
Today, I am sharing a quick and easy DIY project with you. I have been in a home-organizing mood lately. While organizing the shelves in our master bath, I created these pretty ornate metal tags for the storage baskets.
For this simple project all you need are the following:

Ornate metal plates
Leather cord that matches the basket of your choice
Fabric glue
Black permanent marker
Storage baskets

The ornate metal plates are from Jo-Ann craft store (scrap booking section)

Place the metal plates on a piece of burlap scrap after applying fabric glue to the back of the rectangular frame, and then cut around the frame after the glue has dried.

This is how the metal plates should look after cutting:

Measure and cut the required length of leather cord depending on the width your basket. Cut two cords of equal length.

Loop one end of the cord through the hole on either end of the metal plates and tie in a double knot. Leave the other end of the cord free.

The cords should be cut long enough so that the ends of the cord can be tied at the back of the basket.

Note: If necessary, trim around the edges of the burlap at the back.

Use a permanent maker to label the tags.

Now, position the ornate metal tag on the front center of your basket and tie the end of the cords tightly at the back:

A closer look after the two cords are tied at the back of the basket.

The finished product:

I tried to match the color of the leather cord with the color of the basket so that it blends with basket.

 I love how these storage baskets turned out with the ornate metal tags on them. 

A stack of these of these baskets not only provide excellent organization solutions in your bathroom but also serve as decorative accents on open shelving. 

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