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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Spring Tea Tray Vignette

Hello, friends!
Have you been enjoying the beautiful spring weather?
I love the earthy smell of spring! Signs of springs are every where in my yard. The apples trees and the dapples willows in the backyard are beginning to show signs of budding. In a few weeks time, the bare leafless branches will be overflowing with lush greenery. I am looking forward to the fragrant apple blossoms and bringing them inside to enjoy their beauty indoors as well.

Today, I am sharing a tea tray vignette I put together that reminds me of the beautiful spring weather surrounding us at this time of the year:

Spring is here.
Spring is here.
How do you think I know?

I just saw a little white bird.
That is how I know.

The merry birds on twig and branch
Trill out the news with fluttering wings,

While Robin seeks the early fruit,
Impatient watching the green shoot,
And the glad tidings gaily sings. ~Mary Dow Brine.

April showers bring May flowers,
That what they say. 
But if all the showers turned to flowers,
We'd have quite a colorful day!

You'd see tiger lilies and water lilies,
Carnations pink and blue,
Forget-me-nots and small sundrops 
Glistening with the dew.

And if all the showers turned to flowers
On that rainy April day,
Would all the flowers turn to showers
In the sunny month of May?~ Karen Chappell

The Spring Song~Robert Louis Stevenson
The air was full of sun and birds,
The fresh air sparkled clearly.

Remembrance wakened in my heart 
And I knew I loved her dearly.

The fallows and the leafless trees
And all my spirit tingled.

My earliest thought of love, and Spring's 
First puff of perfume mingled.

I love the romantic ambiance created by these moss-wrapped candle votives. It reminds me of taking a long walk down a moss-covered garden path.

For the moss-wrapped candle votives, I simply hot-glued green sheet moss from the craft store  around clear glass votives and trimmed the excess moss from the top and bottom.

 After that, I wrapped some burlap twine around each votive and inserted mini terracotta clay pots inside the glass votives to hold the candles.

I love using pretty, dainty tea cups like this for tea time and brunches in spring and summer.

Pretty gold detailing all around the rim of this beautiful footed tea cup.

Happy Spring!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Have a lovely week ahead!


  1. I love everything about this vignette - the moss covered tea lights, the books with paper doilies and lace, the birds nest - it all exudes Spring. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  2. Your vignette is so stunning! The perfect way to bring spring into your space! And I LOVE those candles! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  3. Looks like spring to me, Poppy! It's just lovely!

  4. Very pretty, Poppy. What a sweet idea you had with the doilies and the moss.

  5. So pretty! You've created a very-pleasing-to-the-eye display! The books wrapped in paper doilies and tied with lace is a great idea and looks wonderful. Love the juxtaposition of the moss wrapped candles on the glass candleholders. The adorable white birdie adds just the right spring-like touch. Oh and the pillow in the background is fab!

  6. Poppy this is a pretty post and was entertaining. Such wonderful tea tray


  7. I love the colors, what a lovely vignette! I'm going to pin it so I can refer back for some of your ideas. Saw your link at Amaze Me Monday.


  8. What a lovely tea tray you have created Poppy...Love your pillow! We have been getting lots of rain in the south and it has made a lot of pretty green nature for spring!

  9. Hello Poppy! Love this post! Lovely colors, and wonderful tea tray...
    Hugs, Manuela

  10. So so pretty Poppy, and full of so many wonderful details! Just lovely!

  11. This setting is absolutely charming. I haven't been to or hosted a tea party in far too long. I hope to remedy this soon. Thank you for such a lovely post.

  12. Hello Poppy! Your spring tray is just enchanting! Happy and cheery and bright and lovely :) Thank you for sharing with us. I found you via The Scoop! Have a beautiful week!

  13. You have taken a tea to the next level. Who would not like to stop for a minute and enjoy.

  14. I'm so glad I found you via the Savvy Southern Style linky party. The wraps around the candles are a genius idea and perfect for spring. Your arrangements are gorgeous!

  15. Love vignettes and this one is gorgeous.

  16. Stunning pics, always always ALWAYS love a tea theme. I am your newest follower - gorgeous blog.

  17. Gorgeous vignette! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Monday xo

  18. Poppy, your post is a delight to the eyes! I love the wee birdie, the books wrapped in lace, and the pretty teacup. Your grassy votives really lend a Spring feel to the tray and it's a lovely touch. Thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Thank you too for your very sweet comment. Have a beautiful day.


  19. This is so pretty and will be featured at Wow this week. thanks

  20. So pretty! I especially like the books wrapped in the doilies.

  21. Poppy, I love this gorgeous tray! The doilies on the books, moss around, the votives, and all of the other pretties are just delightful! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

  22. Hi Poppy, love how you've styled your tray for a beautiful Spring tea! I'm in love with your moss covered candles!! thanks so much for joining in for SYS!!

  23. This is just delightful, so lovely! Pinning!

  24. Just beautiful Poppy! Thanks for joining HSH!

  25. Just love your Spring vignette! So much detail and the colors are perfect!

  26. I love your mossy candleholders so much, I'm featuring them on the SYS party this evening, thanks again!

  27. Love this vignette! So many cute ideas here with the lacy doilies, burlap and moss wrapped pieces and the pretty tea cup! I'm imagining this out in a gazebo!

  28. So, so pretty! Love your Spring vignette and the colors are gorgeous!

  29. I am so glad you shared at the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! I will be pinning this beautiful vignette! Thank you :)

  30. P.S. I will also be following along!

  31. Truly beautiful Poppy! I love those sweet little books too wrapped up in lace.

  32. I love the glass candle and the greenish color too. lovely post

  33. What a pretty picture it makes, love the play of green and the rose chintz designs on the teacups, the embroidered cushion cover....everything looks so magical!

  34. The perfect spring color combination ~ so, so pretty!


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