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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Adding Inexpensive Details to Master Bathroom Decor

Hello, dear friends!
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
The long awaited spring is finally here, and I am enjoying adding spring to my home decor!

Decorating my small master bathroom has always been a challenge for me, and I have learned to use inexpensive details to add softness and texture to bathroom decor.

So today, I thought I will share with you some low-cost ways to make a small bath appear more open and airy, and at the same time add an air of luxury.

1. Adding fresh flowers in simple containers add a pop of color and make the room look brighter.

A jar of pretty tulips adds a touch of spring to my master bathroom.

I also added a hand-stamped fabric tag to the clear vintage mason jar.

I like mixing light neutrals with deep earthy tuscan inspired colors.
Love how the white marble soap holder stands out so pretty against the terracotta wall color.

I love using silver trays to create different vignettes around my home. 
They add a touch of romance and elegance especially in the master bathroom.

Beautiful white candles on glass candle holders create serenity and a romantic ambiance.

2. Adding lace trim to simple white hand towels adds elegance.

3. Natural Bristle long handled bath and body brush adds texture.

Adding greenery on top of the cabinet and the topiary on the granite countertop also adds texture and at the same time softens the hard lines of cabinets and fixtures. 

4. Storing cotton balls and bar soaps in clear glass jars adds a spa-like quality and also makes it easier to find them.

Epsom salt is stored in apothecary jars.

5. Open shelving in bathrooms offers storage solutions for all your bath accessories and at the same time makes the room look bigger and brighter.

The room looked more spacious after we removed a closet and added these floating wooden shelves for storage.

I loved sharing these inexpensive ways to jazz up a small bathroom! Thanks for stopping by today.
It is always a pleasure to have you over :)

Have a wonderful week!

~Hugs, Poppy~

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  1. Your bathroom is so pretty, Poppy. I think you and I have the same countertops..which I love because they go with everything. That pretty color on the walls looks great with your pretty silver and glass touches. Love the lace on the hand towel too.

  2. Very pretty! Love all the cheerful color and of course, spring tulips. Jane

  3. Spring has sprung in your bathroom and it looks great!! :)

  4. It really looks great, Poppy! You've done a wonderful job refreshing and organizing your beautiful grande salle de bain! ♥ HUGS!

  5. My dear, sweet friend, what a beautiful and charming post! Everything is simply delightful and those tulips took my breat away - what loveliness.

    It's always a joy to pop in for a visit...I hope you are well! Enjoy your week. Hugs!

  6. What a delightful post with helpful info and beautiful photography. You have inspired me to take a second look at our master and guest bathrooms to see how I can add a few touches of pretty. Love the wall color and how you have utilized all available space. I plan to link your site to one I will be doing soon on a similar topic.

  7. You've made such a pretty room, with all your lovely touches. I like the little signs you've made for the glass containers.

  8. I do love how small and inexpensive details can really add pleasure to a small space! Love the tulips! Thank you for sharing these sweet ideas! Blessings, Cindy xo

  9. You have a pretty bathroom, Poppy, and I love all the lovely touches you have added. I love tulips in any room but they really add a pop of colour in the bath. Thanks so much for sharing with us and have a beautiful day.


  10. You inspired me to spruce up our bathroom!

  11. I love color and your pretty bathroom. Sheila

  12. Pretty bathroom Poppy! You inspired me earlier in the week to go out and purchase some pretties for my bathroom:)
    Thank you for sharing this pretty post with the ladies at TOHOT!

  13. You are always such an inspiration.
    I love this post because its achievable and beautiful.
    Everything is so elegant.
    Thank you for being at TOHOT this week!

  14. Truly a beautiful bath. What an absolute delight this post is!!! Thank you so very much for joining the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  15. Poppy, you have such wonderful style! Love the bottle of tulips and the tag is the perfect addition. I always think I will add lace to my towels and never get around to it. Really beautiful! Love your photos and so clever to run the water. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  16. Beautiful!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  17. Your tulips are gorgeous, Poppy. Your bathroom looks so fresh!...Christine

  18. Very welcoming and sweet! Thanks for linking up to Dishing It & Digging It.

  19. The silver tray and flowers are beautiful in your bath! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  20. The bathroom is so welcoming.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  21. Your bathroom looks so beautiful Poppy!!

  22. I especially love the silver tray idea. I have a bathroom update on the agenda and I think this idea will fit in nicely!

  23. Your master bathroom looks lovely with the different splash of color. I love your chalkboard labeled containers.

  24. Wow your bathroom is decorated so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  25. Everything is so pretty!

    I would love for you to share this with my Recipes, Crafts, Tips and Tricks Facebook group:

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  26. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job! freestanding baths


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