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Friday, March 11, 2011

Harmony in green

With spring in the air, the long dark days of winter blues are a thing of  the past!!!! We want to celebrate life with the color  green surrounding us everywhere. "Green" signifies growth, harmony and healing. Let's celebrate spring with mother nature with a lightness in step and a carefree heart.
   I like mixing colors with texture. I like the contrast between the wooden container and the shiny brass with the color green.
     The maidenhair fern in the weathered grecian urn livens up a dark corner of my foyer!!! I love the timeless effect it creates.


  1. oh lovely.. your green are gorgeous.. thanks for linking in... :-)

    I love love the first image!! wow!

  2. Hiya.. thanks for the comment.. the plates I stack.. using a tea light holder.. with pebbles, stones or coloured sand in it.. I normally use this for desserts .. its a big hit!! :-)

    Hope you try it too.. and post some pics soon.. Have a fab weekend!

  3. Love the ferns... and the plant holder you have used for it is soooooooooo beautiful....!!


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