Monday, March 14, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

With the Irish festival of St. Patrick's Day just round the corner, what can be more fitting than celebrating the color green!!!!
     I love the ethereal quality this lime green candle creates in my sister's foyer. And I simply adore the gorgeous green tote bag that looks absolutely stunning with the raw silk tunic top (both designed by my talented sister). I can just picture myself in this ensemble walking the boardwalk in a luxurious resort.... 

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Necklace with green turquoise

I love wearing and making jewelry using natural gemstones. The green turquoise stones mixed with the dark, cinnabar beads and the shiny, silver beads turn them into a work of art. It was a lot of fun creating it!!!
Did you know that the ancient Egyptians wore green eyeliners? Because they believed that green was healing  for the eyes.

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Harmony in green

With spring in the air, the long dark days of winter blues are a thing of  the past!!!! We want to celebrate life with the color  green surrounding us everywhere. "Green" signifies growth, harmony and healing. Let's celebrate spring with mother nature with a lightness in step and a carefree heart.
   I like mixing colors with texture. I like the contrast between the wooden container and the shiny brass with the color green.
     The maidenhair fern in the weathered grecian urn livens up a dark corner of my foyer!!! I love the timeless effect it creates.